League Rules

Essex County Bowling Association Group 6

E.B.C.A. Group 6 - Tuesday League

Rules and Responsibilities

1.  League Secretary’s Responsibilities

  • To arrange fixtures on a home and away basis.
  • In the first instance will attempt to resolve any dispute.  Should this fail the Group officers will make the final decision.
  • Ensure, where possible, where two or more teams from the same club play in the same Division they will play each other early in the season.
  • Collate results as provided and issue League Tables on a timely basis

2.  Dress

  • Grey trousers or Only Tailored or Bowls England shorts can be worn with white tops or approved club shirts. 

3.  Teams

  • To consist of two teams of fours from each club
  • No restriction on number of selected badged players
  • One substitute may be used per rink during a match where a player is physically unable to continue.  The substitute can not play skip.
  • A player from a lower division can play once in a higher division and then return to the lower division.  If a player plays more than once in a higher division then they must remain in that division for the remainder of the season.  No players are allowed to move teams within the same division.
  • If any club, that has more than one team participating in the Group 6 league competition, want to withdraw one of their teams, for any reason, it will always be the team playing in the lowest division.

4.  Matches

  • Played in accordance with Bowls England laws of the game.
  • Played on Tuesday evenings, time as fixture list.
  • Teams will concede the match if they fail to appear within 30 minutes of the stipulated start time and will forfeit 6 points and 6 shots to their opponents. A case report must be filed with the League Secretary within 7 days.
  • Rinks must not be pre-allocated by the Home Club but should be drawn by both team captains prior to the start of the match.
  • To commence with 2 trial ends followed by a match of 21 ends.
  • Playing with “Three's up” is not allowed.  Once a player has left the head he can not return.
  • Should an umpire be required the HOME captain will appoint a suitable person to assume umpires duties.
  • Where bad light or exceptional weather conditions prevail a match can be limited to 18 ends with the agreement of the Captains prior to the start of the match.
  • Southend Parks clubs may restrict the match to 18 ends as necessary and in any instance where restrictions are applicable the Home captain to advise the opposing team captain before play commences. The final decision is the responsibility of the Home Captain.

5.  Result/s and Points Awarded

  • 2 points will be awarded to a winning rink. A rink will share the points (1 each) when scores are equal.
  • 2 points will be awarded to the team accumulating the most shots. 1 point will be awarded to each team where shot totals are equal.
  • Where a team field a rink with 3 players, 25% of their total shots will be deducted prior to calculating total points awarded.

5a.  Promotion, Relegation, Play Offs & Trophies

  • Winning and second place teams from Div 2 and all other divisions will be promoted to a higher division for the next season.
  • Teams finishing in last place and second from last in each division, except Div 6 will be relegated to a lower division for next season.
  • When 2 teams in any division are tied for top position with equal points, shot difference will determine final league positions.
  • When 2 teams in any division are tied for bottom position with equal points, shot difference will determine the final league positions.
  • In the event of either the top 2 or bottom 2 teams having equal points then shot difference and if required results playback between the 2 teams will determine final league positions.
  • Trophies to be returned to the league Secretary before the end of the season.

5b.  Reporting of Results

  • The home team are responsible for reporting the results to the league secretary. The results must be submitted via the Group website (www.group6bowls.co.uk). Instructions will be sent separately.
  • Captains to retain all scorecards in case of any dispute.

6.  Matches abandoned or cancelled because of adverse weather

  • If a match is not started or abandoned before a total of 20 ends have been played then it should be rescheduled before the last match of the season.  The game will recommence from the point it was abandoned.  As stated in the laws of the game if the match  has started then the teams should stay the same for the rearranged game except one substitute is allowed per rink.  The substitute may not play skip. When a game is abandoned the league secretary must be notified and given the names of the players in both teams.  This can be done by email or the contact form on the group website The result will stand once 20 ends have been completed.

7.  Rearranged matches

  • If any club wishes to rearrange a match because of rink availability or a clash with county or National competitions then this may be done with the agreement of the opponents.  The rearranged  match must be played before the last match of the season.  Notify the league secretary ASAP

8.  Publication of league tables

  • The league tables will be emailed to all clubs weekly once all results are received. They will also be published on the Group website www.group6bowls.co uk

Revised 15th March 2019