Essex County Bowling Association Group 6

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Please be advised that Group 6 Officers are constantly reviewing the very fast moving crisis that is 'Coronavirus' and how that might impact on Group 6 bowling activities this summer.

Be assured that should anything change that would affect our bowling schedule (leagues, representative games, competitions etc) you will be the first to know.

We plan to meet and review the situation again immediately after Easter and update you further.

The Officers would kindly request that if your club should change its plans that could affect Group 6 bowling activities you would let one of our officers know immediately.

Group 6 as an organisation rely totally on its members clubs for players and facilities and if these are not available, for any reason, we need to know immediately.

Don't leave it to someone else to tell us, do it yourself.

Group 6 Officers



All clubs who have nominated players for the Ashford Cup and Wally Ball are asked to confirm the following:-

1. The preferred playing position of each of the players nominated

2. All players nominated are avilable for the games as shown on the Ashford Cup and Wally Ball pages

Please confirm to the Group Secretary before 31st March



Bournemouth Park B.C. have withdrawn their 'D' team from division 5 for this season

Remaining teams in this division will play two fewer games as a result

Zero points will be awarded for these cancelled games



As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak the County Friendly programme for 2020 has been cancelled in it's entirety.

For more more information please refer to the ECBA website