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GROUP 6 Programme 2020

May Update

As a result of a recent survey of all Group 6 clubs and the subsequent replies, the Group 6 Officers have decided with much reluctance, to cancel the remaining Group 6 league games for this season.

The replies indicated that 25% of Group 6 clubs have either closed for the season or were not prepared to take part in the league in whatever form it might have taken.

That being the case, the officers agreed that running the league in some form and maintaining its integrity would not be a viable proposition.

The officers have also agreed to cancel the planned friendlies, due to take place in July

On a more positive note, we hope it might be possible to hold some form of inter-club competition and individual competitions for those interested, later in the season, if legislation allows.

In the meantime. stay safe, and stay positive.


County Representative Games 2020

This message confirms our worst fears that the ECBA has officially 'cancelled' the 2020 Ashford Cup, with no competition taking place this year.

Also; be advised that the ECBA have 'postponed' the 2020 Wally Ball and Inter Group Knockout as well as some of the County individual competitions, in the hope that it may be possible to play them in the 2nd half of the summer, if the current lockdown is relaxed or removed.

The ECBA will make a decision before 30th June at the latest, Group 6 will advise you accordingly.

All the above information is available as well as other important information on the ECBA website https://www.ecba.co.uk/ecba-news


Group 6 League News

Bournemouth Park B.C. have withdrawn their 'D' team from division 5 for this season

Remaining teams in this division will play two fewer games as a result

Zero points will be awarded for these cancelled games



As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak the County Fixture programme for 2020 has been cancelled in it's entirety.

For more more information please refer to the ECBA website